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Choose Better.. Be Happy..

Why Happiness?

Happiness starts on the inside and it is in your control. You can create the right conditions to be happy now rather than waiting for something outside yourself to make you happy.

Why Excellence?

Striving for personal excellence allows you to improve in every aspect of your life no matter what the situation is. It is a journey of self-growth and development that will produce happiness.

My Journey with Happiness and Excellence.

I spent most of my life unhappy due to external forces that made me feel miserable, anxious, and fearful. My escape was work and study and I excelled in both areas where I achieved high levels of success and financial gains. Despite being successful by all standards on the outside, I felt there was something missing on the inside. I was sad, stressed out, anxious, worried, and stopped enjoying spending time with my children and friends. That was the time when I had to dig deep and go on an internal journey to find what happiness and excellence meant to me.

Today, I view excellence as not being my best at all times definitely not being driven by external factors. Excellence is about doing better every day even when I did not get it right in the past and according to my own internal standards. Now, happiness means that I feel joy and contentment on the inside by taking control of my own little world rather than by giving my power away to external factors that determines how I feel and live my life. Happiness is subjective but what I know for a fact is that it is in you, it is the key to success, and that you can experience it at the present time if you are willing to go on this internal journey.

Why Mentor with me?

I was dealt the cards of dysfunctional family dynamics, tough marriages, instability, mental health challenges, career changes, and even lack of finances. I know what it takes to overcome these hardships and be successful at it.

As your mentor I will provide you with tools, strategies, knowledge, and expertise that will allow you to surpass your challenges and limitations, work with your strengths to achieve your goals and materialize your vision, find clarity during confusing times, expand your horizon to new levels of awareness, and more importantly find calmness during difficult times. If you are ready to move forward and take the next step on your life journey, then I would be honored to be your mentor.

Call me today to start your happiness and excellence mentoring journey.

Is Happiness and Excellence Mentoring for ME?

Happiness and Excellence mentoring is for me if I want:

  • Support to maintain every aspect of my wellbeing
  • To find clarity during difficult times
  • Help making difficult decisions when I am confused
  • To exceed my limits and reach my next level of success
  • To build happy, meaningful, long lasting relationships in my life
  • Support in learning parenting and family relationships skills
  • To change my career but I am fearful of taking that step
  • Assistance in adapting new life skills and strategies to deal with uncertainty
  • Success at the personal level to achieve my goals and my vision
  • To cultivate mindfulness and acquire stress management tools
  • Experience positive emotions and heal from negative experiences

What is The Process Like?

Excellence Mentoring is development driven which focuses on your own personal and professional growth; hence, it is self-driven and is dependent on you and your readiness to take the next step. Sessions will be scheduled either on a weekly basis or a monthly basis based on your needs and your ability to put in place the tools and strategies discussed during the mentoring sessions. During critical times, you may find that you need extra support which we can discuss and mutually agree upon. Please keep in mind that self-development and self-growth takes time and you can achieve your goals when you are in the right place, in the right time and with the right mentor.


Mentoring Steps

1. Book your 20 minutes “Exploring My Happiness and Excellence Readiness” COMPLIMENTARY session.

Sessions are offered over the phone or online. Together we will explore your readiness and willingness to make the necessary changes in your life that will bring you happiness and excellence. It is also your opportunity to determine if I am the right mentor for you. Book your appointment now click here.

2. Commit to a minimum of three months “Choose Better” mentoring sessions.

Commit to a minimum of three months “Choose Better” mentoring sessions.

3. Our first session will be all about conducting a detailed needs assessment to identify areas that you need the most support with.

We do not live in one dimension and usually we need support in multiple dimensions of our being..

4. In the second session we will determine which area you want to tackle first and establish short- and long-term goals for our mentoring time together.

Following sessions will be geared towards achieving your goals and vision to be happy and successful. Please note that progress in your goals is self-driven and depends on your commitment to the mentoring process..

5. At the end of the mentoring period, we will determine if additional mentoring sessions are required to get you to where you want to and is dependent on your desires, goals, and vision.

It is not about the destination as much as it is about the journey to get to your destination. You are in the driver seat and I am here to shine the light for you to see the path ahead without falling into the cracks, nooks, and bumps of life.

My Books

Shift to Shine: Bridging Science and Intuition

This book is about the journey of a Middle-Eastern girl who was born and raised in Kuwait. 

More Details

 It is about her triumph over numerous challenges and adversities at the personal, cultural, and religious levels and how she surmounted these challenges and transformed her life by overcoming negative belief systems that were holding her back from becoming who she is meant to be.

Paper: 258 pages
Publisher: Raja Mishal; First Edition edition (December 8, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0994921403
ISBN-13: 978-0994921406
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inchesback


Make Up Don’t Break Up

People often enter into relationships and start families when they are broken on the inside.

More Details

Each partner brings into the relationship their own emotional baggage and deep-seated emotions that have not been dealt with before starting the relationship.

“Make Up Don’t Break Up” is about supporting you to build meaningful relationships by working on yourself first and healing the wounded child within. Parenting your inner child will make you more successful in your relationships, help you build strong family bonds, and be the best parent you can be.

This book is built on the premise of knowing your core temperament, your core emotional blueprint, and your core love blueprint and offers healing exercises to help you release negative emotions to create the most amazing and meaningful relationships in your life.


Happy Now

A Journey to the Other Side of Depression is about the author’s journey with depression.

More Details

In this book, she describes depression as a guest “The Ghoul” that planted its seeds at an early age of her life. It played the hide and seek game way into her adult life until one day she realized that the hiding part of the game was over. This guest is here to stay and to occupy every aspect of her unhappy life. That is when she started the seeking part of the game with only one condition to get to the other side of depression. The only path she can take was to go on an internal journey of self-discovery and transformation. The author speaks about her life experiences with small accumulated traumatic events, political instability and wars, cultural upbringing and accepted social norms, negative thoughts, and hidden beliefs that got her into depression and how she was able to kick “The Ghoul” guest out of her life and be happy.

Coming Soon

About Me

I get you. I understand what you are going through. I have been there, done that. As a former Clinical Director of a transplant laboratory and an Assistant Professor, a mother of two and a wife, I dealt with extreme amount of stress that threw me out of balance and harmony. At the peak of a successful professional life and financial security I found myself crumbling on the inside. All of a sudden, my life turned upside down and took many detours on my journey to personal happiness and excellence. As a student of life, an avid learner, and a seeker of happiness, I encountered multiple mentors on my endeavour who played an instrumental role in moving me one step closer to happiness, excellence, and expanding my awareness to higher levels of consciousness.

On this adventure, I had many breakthroughs and much more collapses, I fell down numerous times but I got up every single time, and I experienced healing like never before at so many levels of my being. Above all I learned resilience, patience, perseverance and to remain optimistic and hopeful to continue fighting and see the light within so I can be the best version of myself. This is my wish for you. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you so you can transcend limitations and overcome challenges so you can be the best version of yourself and be happy.

I invite you to learn more about how you can be happy and achieve excellence by reading my blogs, and purchasing my books Shift to Shine, Make Up Don’t Break Up, and pre-order a copy of my upcoming book Happy Now. I look forward to hearing from you even if it was just to say hello or share your experiences with me.


“Raja is an amazing individual who has challenged herself and have surpassed and broke limits. Her passion in helping others achieve their goals and materialize their vision are accurate and honest. Through our time together she has helped me gain the strength to surpass my own limitations and has helped me bring about calmness on areas of my life that has held me back from my goals.”
– Brian S.

“Thank you Raja for the wonderful session I had with you on Sunday. I highly recommend going to Raja for those that have a lot of questions about their own life and need to find clarity. When I left I felt that my direction is a lot clearer. Thank you again Raja for all the work you do.”
– Jj K

Raja Mishal, Ph.D. is a former Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University, and a former Clinical Director of the HLA Laboratory at Nova Scotia Health Authority, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dr. Raja was awarded several National and Provincial awards for her scientific research and publications. She surmounted numerous challenges including mental illness which made her realize that while genetics play an important role in our lives, it does not determine our fate and future if we choose to be happy and attain excellence. Today, she shares her passion, knowledge, and experience with others through her Happiness & Excellences Mentoring Programs which are offered in two languages, English, and Arabic.

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