Day # 27 Forgive Yourself and Others

Happy Sunday! You are amazing.

What is this thing with forgiveness? Can we really practice forgiveness?

Is forgiveness more about forgiving ourselves or forgiving others? 

I met someone recently who is very angry with her mother and the way her mother is treating her. I suggested that she forgives her mother for what she did to her so she can find peace. She said no “I am not ready to forgive her“. I see this person in my circle of contacts on a daily basis and I can see how her anger towards her mother is eating her up piece by piece. I can also see how she developed unhealthy attitudes in her job and dealing with others due to this resentment. So whether you want to forgive or not the choice is yours, however, are you willing to live with the consequences of your choice? 

Forgiveness is one of the important keys to shifting anger, resentment and stressful energy to a peaceful energy.

Forgiveness starts by forgiving yourself for things that you have done in the past; be gentle and kind with yourself, and let go of revenge to what happened in the past. 

Who do you need to forgive today beside yourself? 

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Happy Shifting and Transforming,

With Love,

Raja Mishal

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