If you had a tough year in 2016, you are not alone. The universal energy for 2016 was all about completion and endings.

This type of energy is not easy to work with, and if you had a lot of endings, then you were working with the universal energy. Some of you would have had it tougher than others depending on where your personal energy is in your energy cycle.

The good news is that there is always a new beginning with every ending, and this is what this year’s energy is all about.

New Beginnings. New Cycle. New Chances. New Choices. New Life.

Ah, what a relief!!!

How awesome is that?

Can you smell it? Can you feel it?

The universe is giving you another chance to make it right to achieve your dreams and goals. To live life fully and to reach your highest potential.

Are you in?

Stop procrastinating. Start doing.

Start that business that you wanted to do. Start a new relationship. Start dreaming big. Start living your life purpose. Just start.

Life is yours so take it up on its offer and go big.

You can do this. I know you can.

If you would like to learn more about your personal energy and the energy surrounding a situation in your life contact me at: wecare@rajamishal.com to book your appointment. Ask me any question whether it is regarding career, relationship, health, or anything else. I am here to help you find clarity and support you during challenging times so you can shine your light in the world. 

Be Healthy. Stay Healthy. You Can Do this.

Talk to you soon,

Your Health & Wellness Advisor

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