Day # 3: Take One Action at a Time

Today is Day # 3 of your transformation. I want to talk about the 3rd tip for transformation success. 

So let us talk about motivation? What motivates you to take action? Are you one of those zealous people who want to change things immediately and set there intention to take so many steps in the process or even is very ambitious and sets big unachievable goals?

The secret to a successful transformation is to take one action at a time. Yesterday you set your intention to transform your life. Today, let us work on that some more. What is it that you want to change? In your journal, list 3 action steps that will help you get to your goal. Think about what motivates to get to your goal and makes you take actions. For this week, choose one action step and start working on it. When you are done with this step, you can choose another action and work on, and so on…..

The journey is not about taking too many steps, about focusing on one step at a time and see it to completion.


Here is your link to Day # 3  


Happy Shifting,


With Love,


Raja Mishal

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