Hello again,

I hope you were able to watch Day # 1 video and already taken the action of being in charge of your life.

Today I’ll be talking about the next step to transformation and that is setting an intention.

Day # 2: Set Your Intention to Transform Your Life

Here is the link to your Day # 2 of your transformation journey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0g17WryagI&index=1&list=PLZyXVLR4E8H-4z7FQP98ID6F0lLiflf7V

In everything you do in life, you need to set an intention. Setting an intention, which is a thought energy, will let the universe know that you are serious about what you want and if what you are asking for is for your higher good, the universe will provide it to you in time. The intention which in Chinese is “Ye” will lead energy “Qi” and it is this intention that will cause the movement of energy and things will spiral and be set in motion. So today, write down in your journal your intention to transform your life. Write down your intention to change your life to what you want to attract into it.

It is that simple. Simple action step on the journey of transformation.

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