This week we will be doing the fourth step of Spring cleansing and that is Energy Cleansing. If you have not read my previous blog and you would like to start cleansing with step 1 then click on the following link:  You can also watch the physical cleansing video at

You can read about Step 2 of Spring Cleansing, Mind Cleansing, at or watch the video at

You can read about Step 3 of Spring Cleansing, Emotions Cleansing, at   or watch the video at

Now, let us get into Energy Cleansing.

Since we are energetic beings, we can sense the energy around us through our energy field even if we didn’t know it. You can think of your energy field like an Antenna that picks up frequency waves around you. Hence, you may find yourself picking up negative energy around you. You may feel something is not quite right with you, but you don’t know why? It is important to figure out if what you are feeling is because of your own energy or because you are picking up someone’s else energy.

You can cleanse your energy using air, fire, or earth. Watch the video here

Here are three steps to cleanse your energy field and your space:

Step 1: Keep doing what you have been doing for the past 3 weeks because if you have followed the last 3 weeks cleanses, then you have already been raising your vibration

Step 2: the Quickest way to raise vibration is to put on happy music. Move to music for 10 minutes every morning when you are getting ready to leave to work or to send the kids out the door off to school.

Step 3: Clear your space and your energy field. You can do this in many ways. One of them is to clear your space by decluttering in order to allow for the free flow of energy. You can as well, sprinkle salt and water in the room or put some sea salt in the corner of the room.  As for cleansing your energy field, you can take a salt bath (you can use sea salt or Epsom salts) or take a small amount of salt and rub your body with it, then wash your body as usual. You can also soak your feet in water and salt in a tub and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil such as lavender, bergamot, or peppermint.

Bonus Tips:

  • You can use air to cleanse negative energy in your aura (energy field) or in your space by doing sage smudging especially when there is deep emotional talk. Sage smudging is an endogenous practice that is used to cleanse negative energy (watch the video for more details).
  • An amazing way of getting rid of negative energy is by walking bare feet in nature. This type of physical cleansing is also called Grounding or Earthing which will allow you to drain negative energy using mother earth to do so.

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