10 Life Lessons Learned from Mindful Painting

1- Sh*t happens, move on.
2- If you do a mistake fix it right away.
3- If you can’t fix it, make lemonade out of a lemon.
4- Most mistakes can be corrected but sometimes you can’t fix everything.
5- Leave a space of white in your heart. It will help make your image beautiful and pure.
6- Black is as important as white. It grounds your painting and the same in your life. It grounds you, makes you humble, and value your loved ones and every moment you spend with them.
7- A blob of paint dropped on your painting, so what? Life always dumbs a blob of nasty things on us. Get used to it and be ready to deal with it.
8– You can paint a colorful painting or a black and white one. The same is true in your life. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.
9- You start painting with a vision in your head, but it may turn different than what you had in mind. In life, we draw an image of how life should be, and then it turns out to be so different than what we envisioned. No problem.  Take a detour and start all over again.
10- You can always make your painting more beautiful. Never give up. You can always make your life more beautiful because you are the most beautiful canvas in the world. 

Remember. You can always have a new beginning no matter what. The choice is yours.

Raja Mishal, Ph.D.

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