We are into the second week of January of 2017. How do you feel now after the dust has settled from your holiday running around, Christmas shopping and New Year’s celebration?

Let us talk about positive attitude and feeling happy.

How do you start your day? Do you start it with a smile, enthusiasm, and feeling happy? Or do you just wake up in the morning and drag yourself out of bed?

What do you tell yourself in the morning? Here we go again, another day of this. Or do you tell yourself I have another opportunity to make a difference? Or maybe you don’t even tell yourself anything and allow life to steer you the way it wants.

How You Start the Day Sets the Rest of the Day

Studies have shown that if you start your day with a positive attitude and outlook on life, you will live happier, healthier, enjoy a longer life, and even have a more satisfying job.

Easier said than done. Correct.

Today, I want to support your positive attitude with this simple, yet effective tool that you can use in every aspect of your life.

The easiest way to keep a positive attitude is not to fake it until you make it but by setting your intention to be happy and have a positive attitude.

Having an intention is where everything starts. If you are like most people, you probably have begun your new year with a resolution because you had the intention to change something in your life that you were not happy about. An intention is a thought, which like all thoughts, carries an energy frequency and energy flows where intent goes.

That said if you are going to spend energy on your thoughts why don’t you spend it on a happy thought? Negative thoughts consume a lot of energy and emotions and attract more negative things into your life because these energies vibrate at a lower frequency.

Happy thoughts, on the hand, vibrate at a higher frequency and when you are in a happy mood it will reflect positively on every aspect of your life. When you have a positive attitude, your energy will expand, it will show in your posture, and you’ll have more confidence in yourself. Moreover, you will start looking at the challenges that come your way as a stepping stone towards something that is more rewarding, and you will find the silver lining in the clouds.



Today, let us set the intention to be happy and make others happy. Let us not give permission to anyone else to make us sad or unhappy because as of today; we oversee our lives and our happiness. And as Gandhi said, “No one can hurt me without my permission.”

My intention for you today is: “May your life be filled with joy, happiness, and content. May your life be filled with grace, blessings, and loving, kind, relationships that make you happy.”


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Be Happy. You Can Do it

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