Burning Incense

My daughter wanted to purchase a case for her cell phone, so I took her to the flea market on the weekend to buy one.

As she was choosing her case, I walked around to a store that caught my attention. This store seemed to have a mishmash of products.

One section had items for money and stamp collectors, another section had some body oils and statutes, while a third section had incense sticks which what drew my attention to the store in the first place.

I burn incense for cleansing negative energy and clearing my living and working space, so I went in to explore my incense options.

” I won’t be able to remember the names of these incenses if I put them all in one bag,” I said. “Put each kind in a separate bag, and I’ll label them for you” replied the store owner. I said, “Thank You but that will be too much work for you as well as lots of bags to be used for the 15 incense sticks that I am buying.” The owner said don’t worry about it and went and took a sheet of white stickers and a pen and started writing down the name of the incense on each of the bags as I was handing them to him.

I looked around and saw a dolphin incense holder and an oil burner with elephants so I inquired about their price. I didn’t have plans to purchase anything other than the incense sticks, especially that I had plenty of incense holders and oil burners at home. However, the customer service that I received from the business owner made me buy all these items. He even gave me a discount, and he threw in another pack of mixed incense sticks. I thanked the business owner, told him that he had excellent customer service and that I’ll contact him in the future to purchase more items.


My Elephant Oil Burner (Trunks are up for good luck)

Now you are going to ask me how is this business transaction related to other aspects of our lives?

Let me first remind business owners of the first rule of conducting business, and that is to offer an exceptional customer service to our clients. Many businesses these days ignore/forgot this important rule of business practice. I have seen this in many high-end retail stores here in Toronto where you go into a store to buy something and the employees do not even bother to welcome you, let alone offering you some help. You know the exceptional customer service that I received at the flea market cost me only $22. That speaks volumes about this business owner and the way he values his business.

For the rest of us, what if we stopped for a second and thought about offering an exceptional customer service in our relationships. What if we did our best to make others happy? What if we went the extra mile to please a spouse, a mother, a father or a sibling? Don’t you think that we’ll all have exceptionally satisfying relationships? The challenge is that most of the time it is one party that is usually offering an exceptional service while the other party is not willing to do so and in fact is only receiving and not giving back.


My Dolphin Incense Burner

When we are in a relationship, we take things for granted, and we don’t put the same effort that we did in the early stages of the relationship and with poor customer service comes dissatisfaction and discontent in the relationship. Thus, people drift away from each other, start looking to do business somewhere else, and inevitably, relationships break down.

Today, let us fix our relationship with ourselves first and then with others around us. Let us offer an excellent customer service to ourselves first so we can offer an exceptional customer service to others.  

Feeling lonely in your relationship? Feeling sad from being in a stressful relationship? Do you want to stop the fights and learn new strategies to deal with conflict?

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