Clutter comes in so many forms, and I don’t mean here physical clutter only. Clutter is clutter.

Clutter stagnates energy and doesn’t allow it to flow harmoniously. When energy stagnates and does not flow smoothly, the mind, body, and soul will feel its effects. You may not feel its impact in the short term, but you’ll surely feel the outcome in the long term.


Let me start by talking about physical clutter. When your house or office is cluttered, the energy is stuck and is not flowing with ease which will result in you feeling it even if you are not aware of it at the conscious level. Every time you look at the clutter around you, you get irritated with it which will cause your stress hormones to go up a notch. It may not have a huge impact on your life now but believe me when I say that all these little things that keep nagging you daily will cause you stress and will impact your well-being in the long run.

Go ahead and declutter your physical space, organize it, get rid of things that you no longer need and then sit down and light a candle, burn some incense, and enjoy your newly created energy-clean space. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder and embrace the feeling of peace and harmony.


Now that we have dealt with physical clutter let us move on to emotional clutter. Are you harboring all kind of emotions that do not serve you anymore? Maybe you are holding on to negative emotions that are not serving you well today. Why don’t you make an inventory of these negative emotions so you can work on releasing them? Emotions are nothing but energy in motion. When energy is not “in motion,” it gets stuck, and you won’t be receptive for new positive emotions because you closed the door in their face.

Today, start working on emotional de-cluttering and let go of emotions that do not serve you. You deserve to be happy, have kind, loving relationships in your life.  Don’t hesitate to contact me at if you are ready to release negative emotions and experiences from the past.


Now, it is time for mental de-cluttering. Clutter can cause you to be confused and not being able to make the right decision because you cannot think clearly. Moreover, chaos and disorder in your mind will cause you to stay in a fixed mindset thinking which will prevent you from self-growth and self-development and will impact your level of awareness and, hence, the quality of your life. One cause of the mental clutter may be that you are holding on to beliefs that are holding you back and are not conducive to your well-being. I believe that mental de-cluttering may be one of the biggest challenges that we encounter daily. However, it is possible to have a successful mental de-clutter with the right attitude, the right tools, and the right person to help you jump start the process. If you are ready to transform your life and to get rid of beliefs that are holding you from success, then give me a shout. Coming from a culture that is ingrained in many limited belief systems, I know first hand what it takes to transform your thoughts, your energy, and your life to be successful in every aspect of your life.

There are all other kinds of clutter in our life, but I am sure you got the drift of what I am saying over here. It does not matter what kind of clutter you have now in your life, just make sure to move it, get rid of it so you can restore the flow of energy and your well-being. As for me, over the past few weeks, I have been de-cluttering my emails and my email list because I only want the right people in my life to communicate with. Which area of your life needs de-cluttering?


Decluttering Tip: I do smudging with white sage to cleanse the energy at home and in my office. Burning sage is a good practice to get rid of negative energy that may linger around from others or your negative emotions. Nowadays there are sage sticks that you can burn as well if you do not have time for a smudging ceremony. Have an intention of releasing negative energy, thoughts, or emotions that do not serve you well at the moment. This simple, yet profound practice that only takes a minute of your time will help you de-clutter your space at all levels of your being which will make your soul rejoice and do the happy dance.
Be Well. Stay Well. You Can Do This.

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