Day # 11 Be in the Flow

Do you remember the last time you tried to resist a change in your life?

What happened then? Did you get what you want or you got more resistance?

Probably things were really tough on you and that is because what you resist persist.

So why don’t you try a different strategy the next time you are faced with a challenge and try to go with the flow and grow from the experience.

Flow like water and be flexible.

If things are not going well, do not resist them.

Resistance will block the flow of energy.

If you are trying to force things and resisting change, then you are not in the flow.

Being in a space of flow does not mean to be passive about things that happen in your life and be indifferent.

Being in the flow is all about finding that space where you feel peaceful in your heart, being humble and allowing things to take their course.

You have been working on your transformation for the last 10 days, so keep going. You are amazing and you are doing a great job. 


Here is the link to Day # 11


With Love,

Raja Mishal


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