Day # 20 Judge No One

You are on Day 20. Wow. Keep going you are doing a great job. Just 10 More days to the new you.

Judging assumes that the other person is wrong and that you are right.

This is an energy that is not congruent with universal love and compassion.

Judging comes from ego energy and that is a low-frequency vibration.

Before judging others, turn inwards and see why are you doing so? Is it to make you feel better about yourself?

Is it because the other person is showing you something that you don’t like you?

Is that person mirroring your actions?

No one has the right to judge someone else, try walking one step in someone else’s shoe before judging them. Maybe then you’ll understand why they did what they did.

Here is a link to Day # 20

Happy Shifting and Transforming,

With Love,

Raja Mishal

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