Shift to shine, a mesmorizing journey through the decades, reaching into the author’s journey not just to find her path and mindfulness, but into paving a way for her patients, friends and reader on how to bravely search within to find the transformational power. Reading Raja’s book, not only echoed my personal journey of rewiring my physical mind that sought recognition in physical sciences into recognising my spiritual and energetic journey, but somehow made me feel I am not alone on this path to self-recognition. No matter, where you start your journey, whether in a culture that resonate where Raja has started her trip in an Eastern society within a home of conflicting message of self-worth or in a society that totally detach from prescription of how one should be, you will find in this book a guide to inner growth.

Saheer Gharbia, PhD (Scientist reaching for the inner dimension of self-recognition)
London, United Kingdom

Raja in her soul searching book “Shift to Shine” leans into her spirit filled heart to tell us a moving story of a courageous and determined woman who empowers all of us to believe in ourselves. I enjoyed reading her book and it made me say “Wow”! What courage and a determination for a search of self. She honestly tell breathtaking, spirit filled and heartbreaking experiences that encourages us to believe in ourselves and have the faith in our Divine journey.

George Tenedios MD FAAP DABMA DMQ
Pennsylvania, USA

Raja asked me to read through her book with a critical eye after it was type set. I started to do this but soon found myself swept up in the content. Instead of that careful discerning eye, I soon found myself engrossed in both her story of personal transformation and her ability to bring together traditional western thought and non-traditional, or shall we say, older traditions of healing and growth. From identifying with her in “Escape Island” to feeling her pain in her stories of growing up feeling different, I was unable to put the book down, except to allow myself some feelings of identification and vulnerability along the way.

Not only does Raja connect so effectively on a human or emotional level, like the true scientist that she is, she identifies a problem, proposes a theory or solution and goes one step further and provides tools to help those who identify with the problem, a way to implement change. Her Psychological Energetic Value genes provide a new insight into who and how we are. Then she gifts us with her “I. R. S.” system to Identify, Recognize and Shift ourselves, so that we can all build our relationship with ourselves and truly Shift to Shine. To quote Raja “the good news is that we can always shift them (predispositions) and transform our lives accordingly.”

Mark Filo
Rooted in Recovery
Guelph, Canada
Author, Upcoming book, What Secret? It is as simple as this

I was captivated by the depth of the author’s ideas and the intensity and sincerity of her words and style of writing. Above all, her genuine and natural ability and underlying intelligence. A must read book.

Khaled Ayyad, B.Eng
Chicago, USA

Based on thoughtful self-reflection of her own personal life history and skillful application of her professional background in science, Raja Mishal offers a unique explanation for the true cause of stress in our lives and our potential for making meaningful change to alleviate this stress.

Raja’s writing style is personable and accessible, like having a conversation with a dear friend, so that we might identify with her own story of overcoming stressors and finding the path toward healing, and thereby, benefit from the wisdom she has gained through lived experience. These events from her life are reflected upon and elaborated through the skillful application of her knowledge of alternative approaches to healing through movement, nutrition, meditation and spiritual practice.

In other words, she not only present her stories so that we can relate to and find comfort in knowing we are not alone, but also so as to offer an intelligent analysis of these events based on a thorough understanding of the physical body, the subtle body and the spirit, and of the methods that will help us heal at each of these levels.
Just as a friend listens carefully to your pain and then shares with you the insights they have gained, Raja’s concern for the suffering of others and genuine desire to help is evident in every passage of this book. To read it is to feel you are in the presence of someone who truly cares and wants to help you make a difference in your life, and who has gained profound insight into how you can begin to do just that.

Lindsey Arnold, Author of The Land of Happiness: Reflections on a Journey (non-fiction) and The Six Realms of Samsara: Stories for Awakening (fiction)

It is an honour to be invited to comment on this very inspiring book written by Raja, a very important piece of work which is very timely for many in our communities today. In a very practical way, this book will assist many of us to take on greater responsibility for our own health, happiness, peace and well-being.

In my professional work over many years I have seen so many adults from all walks of life, greatly affected by the difficult or negative experiences in their earlier lives. Many have never deal with these experiences because they were not sure how to do so.

Raja helps us to understand what happened to us, connect this to today, and how these experiences have negatively impacted our relationships, and she has given us hope for a more positive way forward.

These greater insights into our attitudes, feelings and behavior (negative energy) and ways to change to more positive energy can greatly enhance the quality of our lives. This is complex biology, genetics, energy theory, human physiology and psychology – but Raja has presented complicated information in an understandable manner.

She has presented important insights from her early personal experiences, which shows the reader that none of us are immune to having negative early experiences impact the quality of our adult lives.
The meditation and exercises offered in this book are relevant, and very possible to work into daily routines.

Two additional profound concepts I will conclude with
1. I began reading this manuscript thinking of someone else I know well who had many early negative experiences that I see getting in the way of his personality and relationships today. I ended the book realizing Raja was speaking to and about my life, and how I need to change in order to improve my quality of life. I have never read a book before where I had such a personal revelation
2. A central message in this book that cannot be over-stated is this – the most important relationship in our lives is the one most neglected, that is, the relationship with ourselves. Think about this statement – are we truly open and honest with ourselves? If not, how can we ever be fully open and honest with others?

Please take time to care for yourself, this important work by Raja will greatly assist you to do this.

I am not aware of another book that combines personal experiences, with theory from several disciplines, along with meditation and easy exercises that can change our negative energy to positive, which can ultimately transform our lives to a deeper level of health, happiness, peace and well-being.

Bob Pringle
Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth
Saskatoon, Canada

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