The “In-Between” State of Transformation

Have you ever thought about the space that lies in-between two extremes? The space in-between the inside and the outside of our being? The space in-between anger and peace? The space in-between passiveness and aggressiveness? Or the space in-between positivism and negativity? What happens in that moment of time and in that space?

The -In-Between- State of Transformation

The above questions popped into my head as I was staring at my sunglasses that I just dropped on the floor. One of the lenses shattered, however, the way it did it was neither on the inside nor on the outside. It was shattered in that space in between the inside and the outside of the lens. My sunglasses sacrificed themselves to bring my attention to an important state of our existence and that is: “the moment in our lives in which we exist in the middle, in-between, two states of being”.

Scary thoughts were racing in my head: what if we were shattered, like my glasses, in that space that lies in-between the inside and the outside of ourselves? How can we recognize that we are sitting in that space? More importantly, what does it mean to be in that space? And, what is required of us to move out of the “in-between” state?

I had to dig deep into my scientific mind to search for answers from the physical world to confirm that the “in-between” state exists and sure enough I found my answer in nature. Numerous examples in nature show us that the “in-between” state exists in what we know as “metamorphosis”. Metamorphosis, comes from Greek which means to transform. Butterflies and moths start out as eggs and go through transformation to be caterpillars before being adults. Frogs start out as eggs, then tadpoles before becoming adults. Every species goes through its own metamorphosis whether it is complete or incomplete, and takes its own time to complete the cycle of transformation. The laws of nature tell us that the “in-between” state is a must for growth and transformation and that there is no set time for transformation. Some species require longer time to stay in the “in-between” state to get stronger and capable of being independent while another species transforms at a quicker rate. 

Digging into my intuitive mind also gave me some clues from the Spiritual world about the “in-between” state. When we live on earth, our souls reside in the physical body which is one state of being. When we die, our souls leave the body and stay in the form of pure energy “Spirit” that exists in a space that is in the “in-between” state until further notice.

As human beings, we go through stages of our own metamorphosis. On the journey of transformation, we move on from one state to another and the path of growth nictitates that we stay in the “in-between” state for as long as we need to in order to get stronger and be ready for the next stage of our existence. Hence, there is no such thing as complete transformation but there will always be an “in-between” state.

-In-Between StatesThat Is WhereTransformation Is

How long we stay in the “in-between” state is our choice, what we do in that space is our choice, and how to get out of that space and transform is also our choice. In the meantime, we need to be mindful of where the wounds are, how did they shattered us, and how they are obstructing our view of the world. More importantly, it is critical to recognize that we are sitting in that space of the “in-between” state of our existence which is an indication of a start of a new stage of our life and that we are on the verge of an enormous transformation that will help: move us to higher levels of consciousness, to heal our wounds, and to pick up the shattered pieces.

Shining the light on what matters,

Raja Mishal, PhD

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