Honoring the Light Within

You must have heard the saying “we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” But what does that really mean? If we are spirits that vibrate at a high frequency, then we must honor that in our physical experience on Earth. If we are light and come from the light, then why are we not living in the light, from the light, and spreading the light? There are only two answers to this question. The first one is that we do not have the awareness of being the light where we should shine our light in the world and spread peace and love. The second answer would be that we already have this awareness either in our conscious or subconscious¬†mind, but we are afraid to act on it. If you belong to the first camp, then this is your time to expand your awareness and honor the light within you. If you belong to the second camp, then you are missing the point of being a spirit in a physical body. The point of you being here on Earth is to honor the light within you and to live a true life that is in alignment with the highest good and the highest vibration and shining your light in the world.

Whether you belong to the first or second camp it doesn’t matter. What really matters is that at the end of the day you must live your life in the light, from the light, and honor the light within you. You may ask how can you live in the light? And the answer to this question is very simple. You must live your life in Attunement (be in harmony). Being in Attunement allows you to connect to your higher self/Spirit and allows you to go deep within so you can honor yourself and others. Attunement could be as simple as living your life with honesty, integrity, and embodying love. Being love and communicating love to others around us is how we can obtain a higher vibration that will allow us to spread Joy and peace which is the highest vibration of all.

The roads to self-actualization are numerous and being love, is not, but only one of these roads that we can take to honor ourselves and others around us. If you’re not there yet then this is your opportunity to go within and explore the dark corridors within yourself including hate, greed, anger, prejudice, and discrimination and Shine the light of this new awareness to dissipate them. On the other hand, if you came to the realization that you are light and you want to honor the light within you but you are fearful of shining that light in the world due to judgment by others, being labeled, or to be an outcast, then this is the time for you to honor who you are and be true to yourself and to your life purpose. There is a huge shift in Earth’s energy that will support both campers to realize the light within and to shine the light outwards to honor the Spirit within.

Raja Mishal, Ph.D.

Raja Mishal is a Canadian transformational Author, Writer and Societal Influencer who is passionate about helping others overcome life challenges so they can live a balanced life.

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