Day # 22 I am Enough

How many times did you look outside yourself to look for answers or to find someone else who can make you happy?

People enter into relationships sometimes for the wrong reason and just for being with someone else that can make them happy.

If you cannot be happy being with you, do you think the other person will bring you happiness?

You don’t need to look outside yourself to have everything you want.

You are enough.

You have everything you need.

You are self-sufficient and you can sustain yourself. You have enough money, enough time, enough love, and enough abundance. You are enough. 

Today let your mantra be ” I am enough”. Repeat it daily for the next 30 days. Feel it, live it, be it…

Here is a link to Day # 22 I am enough

Happy Shifting and Transforming,

With Love,

Raja Mishal

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