A friend of mine opened his dream restaurant. Since he emigrated to Canada twenty years ago, and he wanted to open a restaurant that resembled the old city that he grew up in. He had an enormous open house where there were massive amounts of free food, dance, and music. It was a great success.

Then he waited for the business to come in.

Weeks passed by and there was no business. He was in despair and panicked when he could not pay his bills and faced restaurant closure.

The above is not an unusual scenario. We see it happening all the time. People dream big, and when the dream is not executed properly, it fails. That is why one-third of businesses fail in the first couple of years.

A dream is only a dream until you make it a reality. Here are few tips to make your dream a successful reality:

1- Know your why. Why do you want to make your dream come true? Is it even your dream or someone’s else? Knowing your why will get you stick to your dream through thick and thin.

2- Be realistic. Conduct a thorough research about the market need, what is your unique proposition, how are you different than everyone else on the market, and more importantly, have a strong financial plan in place.

3- Do not get emotionally involved. Invest enough emotions to drive your actions and to allow you to hang on to your vision but not to the extent that it will blind you from seeing the need to change your current approach.

4- Be Patient and Persevere. Patience and perseverance are a must to making your dream come true. You’ll face so many roadblocks along the way, and you must be ready to deal with them.

5- Be Flexible. You cannot run a successful business with a rigid mentality. The ability to be open minded to acquiring new skills and to adjust strategies is a must for success. Evaluate your approach continuously and adjust your strategies accordingly.

6- Cut your losses. If your current business model isn’t working for you, put your pride and ego on the side. Cut your losses, take time out and re-examine your strategies. Is this really what you want to do? 

Now it is your turn. What is your dream? Share it with us so you can start manifesting it and drive the energy towards making it a reality.

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